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25 facts

"Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note 25 random facts, or goal about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged, you have to tagged the person that tagged you. If I tagged you, it means I want to know more about you.

i'm pretty kind of dunno what to do now.actually i'm in the middle of sewing my jubah but suddenly remember that i haven't post anything since last week.and i remember wawa tag me with the question above.but i'm not gonna tag anyone cause i'm doing it for it comes my 25 random facts:

  1. i was born on 30th september at 9.20 am and only 2.68 kg
  2. i love gadgets but i've to wait until i finish my study then i can change it
  3. i love baking (extremely love!) and cooking (lambat sikit nak minat ni) and sewing (paling lambat)
  4. try to improve my english language both the communication skills and writing skills (i wrote my dissertation with very very very bad english)
  5. i'm very bad in managing my ow money.even my parents money too
  6. i've too many clothes but will only wear those that i love and feel comfortable with and mainly the colours either black or white
  7. i'm suffering from lactose intolerance (google it yourself) but will force myself to drink milk and eat cereal during semester break
  8. i have some fear with men.honestly since primary school.
  9. i have great great friends around me during my high school and my university life (you know i love you rite?)
  10. never been admitted to hospital before.but went to emergency room once.
  11. wore braces for nearly six years but now only the retainers some time.
  12. my gums are bad and even the recommended mouthwash cannot treat it.
  13. i love travelling and wish whoever will be my partner will love to travelling too
  14. insyAllah will graduate next year.will work with government for 5 years and then will continue master insyAllah insyAllah
  15. never really been in a relationship but i know having someone with you make your life so meaningful but when they hurt you then you'll be in a deep sorrow and hurt inside there.agree with me?
  16. my not-so-big secret anymore is i have this one tudung and i can't sleep without it (actually i can if im too sleepy)
  17. i am too shy to start a conversation with a stranger unless i have a very important thing to ask
  18. i am changing to be a better person insyAllah slowly
  19. i love long skirts and will buy some skirts during holiday
  20. i eat everything and my current addiction is chapati and vegetables and no rice cause i'm trying to lose some weight (my BMI still normal but can jump to overweight anytime)
  21. am book lovers.even i don't read my goodman & gilman and koda-kimble frequently but i love them.i love cecelia ahern and dorothy komsoon.give me anything i'll read it.
  22. i dont want to cut my hair until i finish study and see whether i can survive with long hair or not
  23. will try my best to attend all invitations for my friends' weddings
  24. i registered as organ donor last month.and volunteer for orphancare
  25. jika saya ditakdirkan Allah tidak mempunyai pasangan hidup,saya akan mengambil anak angkat selepas kehidupan saya stabil.dan jika saya ditakdirkan bertemu bayi yang dibuang saya akan berusaha mengambilnya sebagai anak angkat.itu janji saya pada diri sendiri.

okay.done with 25 facts about to do the same thing?go ahead and i'll read yours.
i just came back from meet mr.SV and need a little bit corrections and then can print out the slides and finish up my alteration and then can watch chinta is the last episode mate!must watch okay.and not to forget durja ningsun tonight.i forgot to mention that i'll only watch scary movies and action movies with my friends.

i wish all the best to my dear friends with the research presentation tomorrow.may Allah help us to get through this.and take care people!


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