Friday, February 4, 2011

Qaseh Qaisy

hello people

i woke up this morning before Abah went to Masjid for Subuh.i dont usually wake up this early but maybe because last night i sleep quite early plus im not driving so i had enough sleep in the car :P

whats with that Qaseh Qaisy?
usually i dont like to read malays' novel cause the story will be more or less the same but this one is quite different.i like how the author wrote the story.the climax.the ending and how she start the novel.after i read the novel,the same question popped up in my head.i think i need that answer but someone never really wants to give me the answer that i need.i'm tired of asking.whats the point of asking without getting the answer.maybe i should give another try and see who knows i might get the answer.

today's plans:
  • send past years' papers for photocopy
  • buy whipped cream and orange
  • another experiment with cheese cake (i love this one)
  • buy groceries

enjoy your day peeps!


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