Friday, August 6, 2010


hello people.hello world.
again i'm sorry for not writing here.i can see some spider webs here and there.
shall i blame on the timetable or blame the internet connection.
blame myself for never learn how to manage time well.
the theory currently is i need to wake up early morning around 2 or 3 to use the internet.broadband kind of disappointing here and only works well during the day and early i have to adjust my own sleeping cycle to use the net.

few updates as i always do to prevent writing a long long essay with a lot of grammar errors.

had my viva and written test for cardiovascular is not that bad.but i already lost 10 marks for the essay.stress.

gonna watch cuci the musical this saturday as my car has not been serviced and abah does not allowed me to go to cameron highland.i changed my plan and do other things.

i will have another test this monday and i'm tired of it already.

i can't wait for Ramadhan and i hope i can khatam Al-Quran this Ramadhan.

and we are planning to go to sabah.although we planned to korea at first but due to some time and money constraints we changed plan.the ticket is quite expensive but never mind.will find some money for it.

today is my last day with my supervisor and i hope he gonna love the present.

emak got promoted last week and i'm truly madly happy for her.another 6 years to go for her and i always pray Allah will always guide abah and emak and help them to be a good leader.i love them more lah!

today will have to see supervisor and study SPSS.later in the evening we have soome prize giving ceremony and who knows i might be one of the recipient.haha.just kidding.

take care and good luck!


~fiOnAbEE~ said...

besnyeee g tgk cuci!!! i watched the 1st one and twas superb!!! 2nd one ni shud be lagi bessssss! njoy bett!

anumz sarah said...

You ARE the recipients! =) Congratz zati!!=)

izzati said...

it was awesome awesome and gile.haha.

thanks sis!

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