Saturday, August 14, 2010


again Ramadhan the holy month is here
the month where we have to fast during the day and solat tarawih after isya'
salam Ramadhan

hello people
i'm blogging from my home sweet home
arrived here yesterday morning after fighting with sleepiness driving from puncak alam to rembau
i had gulai ikan sardin yesterday.i think whatever my mum cook will always taste better than other food.although i'm not a big fan of sardin but it really taste nice.

i want to bank in the money for Syarikat Kamal yesterday but due to some problems it can't be done.emak asked me to go and pay on my own but i really need to find time for that.insyAllah maybe next wednesday i can try to go and pay.

and our classmate just become a father yesterday.congratulations and welcome to the world Muhammad Thaqief Daniel!

so today have to go and send car for service.and while waiting will go to Nagoya with emak.ladies shopping i guess for Hari Raya.haha.still have some notes to read and CBL to prepare.luckily i didn't do any drugs-related task this time.pretty sick with reasons and justifications everytime it comes to drug.grrrr.

okay gtg and take quick shower.take care people.and miss you!


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