Thursday, December 2, 2010


hello mate!
i am so lazy to write here although i can spare at least five minutes holiday is here.and i am enjoying my life to the fullest.pampering myself with lots of foods.seriously.i can eat non-stop.i can buy whatever i want.don't have to think about money.just ask for is so easy.alhamdulillah.thank you Allah.

usually i'll plan my daily activities the night before it.same as today.after zuhur i'll go to the bank.go to pedas.after asar going back home then go to my another grandma's house.should use each and every minutes that i have here.yesterday went to seremban and bought some books. marshmallow for breakfast by dorothy komsoon and bumi cinta by first i want to buy two english novels but afraid i wont be able to finish to be safe i bought another malay novel.owh,and instead of buying present for azilah's wedding,i bought a water bottle for me for my final semester.

but i had a very bad experience yesterday with the JJ seremban 2's staffs.note the s because not only one but two staff.specifically male staff.if i got the chance to read their name yesterday i'll definitely complain to the management.i browsed through the shelf to look for a water bottle.while holding a few plastic bags and suddenly few of the bottles drop.the staffs were standing right beside me and when they hear the bottles dropping sound they just turn around and walk away.i just wonder can't they think rationally and help me to put it back.okay i know it was my fault but at least try to help me.without their help pun i can still put it back.macamana Malaysia nak maju ni?

my current project is painting my house's floor and finish my cross-stitch.thats all.all the best to you and love you!


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