Wednesday, December 15, 2010

charity bazaar

hello people
it has been quite a long time since i didn't upload any photos you know internet connection at puncak alam drive me crazy.too slow at night and not that fast during the day.later before i end up my writing today i'll upload some photos.

last weekend i volunteered myself to help orphancare at jaya33 for the charity
bazaar organized by them.i kind of lost there because everyone there seems to know each other very well and yes here i am the only stranger.without knowing anyone.i only contact auntie Shina through sms and i've met some of the aunties during the first volunteer gathering on the 13th november.but a good communication skills thought all this while help me to mingle with them.and surprisingly most of them are VIPs everyone is Datin and Datuk and their kids are very close to each other.but who cares i did my job and help them to clean everything and pack u
p the booth on sunday.some of the foods are delicious.although they sold it more expensive but people still buy it.they have a lot of money i think.saturday night balqis,zahh and i went to solaris dutamas and had our dinner at wau penyu and balqis had mee dayang its a yellow mee with teo chew sauce.there are even dagang sushi sold there.and not to forget there are a lot of restaurant there to hang out with your friends.

i cleaned up my brother's wardrobe and even thinking to exchange room with him.he has a lot of clothes ranging from shirt to baju melayu.i don't know which one he wants to keep and which one to throw i just hang all the shirts and fold nicely all the t-shirts.and yes,im letting go all my malay novels.but i don't know to whom shall i give it.did anyone knows any charity bazaar coming or anyone who would like to have all my malay novels?

i try to make know that coconut with sweet taste.usually put inside kuih koci?but my grandma said its not gonna nice if you add on sugar i don't know what to do and just leave it there until my mom come back for lunch.i miss baking.i don't really like cooking but no one wants to eat if i bake a cake i have to cook some vegetables for lunch.luckily someone become my food advisor lately.make my work easier.

okay till we meet you!

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