Friday, September 3, 2010

pre Hari Raya


whats up people?
i'm back at home for hari raya preparation and my mid semester break.2 weeks holiday are the longest break i've ever had since my foundation year.but next monday i'll be having buka puasa with my girl friends and after raya from wednesday till friday i'm off to kelantan to attend my classmate's wedding.i;m pretty sure i'll receive some more invitations after graduation next year insyAllah.and the invitations will always make me think when is my time?haha.kalau ada jodoh tak ke girl friends are pretty crazy with these wedding-boyfriend things and everytime we met that'll be one of our hot topic.

talking bout my future.i've already planned something for myself except for that getting married part caused it can happen anytime.insyAllah i'll finish my study next July.after that i'll work at hospital either in Negri Sembilan or Selangor or theory is simple.if ministry of health wants to sent me farther than negri sembilan or selangor then just sent me to sabah then it'll be more worth it to take flights and everything.after four years i'll get my license and then i'll continue my study either taking MBA or clinical that time i'll be 26 insyAllah.still a year younger than my parents when they get married.ini semua yang dirancang tetapi Allah yang tentukan semuanya.

back to hari raya.i drove accompanied by my friend till seremban and i don't feel sleepy at tomorrow we gonna make some it if you dont know.and will have to pick my brother at seremban later in the evening.then sunday maybe have to clean up the house and paint the wall.and monday have to send avanza to service centre then pick the car and off to malacca after that but i'll be hanging out with girl friends.yeay!!

okay i have to start key in data for my supervisor called me this morning and i didn't expect that hes waiting for us today cause usually i'll call when i want to meet him.i'm truly madly sorry mr.hameed.will bring kuih raya for you later.

selamat berbuka puasa mate!


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