Wednesday, September 16, 2009

last lecture before aidilfitri

hello again

im writing this entry after my last lecture just now.
and now here i am sitting alone in this empty house again and no one is here.
everyone is on their way back home last iftar here will not be as great as before but no worries.besides,im having some sort of diarrhea today.may i say the worst diarrhea after a few years.its really killing me and i think i really need to depends on ranitidine everyday during sahur.or else i'll have this one kind of stomachache during the day.

i found out i've a collection of nasyids downloaded during previous ramadhan at our just another way to release out the boringness in me.did i told you that during high school we love to sing nasyid and that time a few songs really stuck in our head and we can sing it anywhere we like.miss the good old days people.

last monday,another great outings with my friends.3 years is another big numbers we didnt meet each other and like we got lots of stories to share,lots of memories to recall back and lots of things to talk.went to OU for iftar and headed to theobroma chocolate for dessert.the day was usual,im not the talkative one so better keep quiet and be a good listener.and ira's drive her mama's new car and the car is damn smart.i told you all of us feels really good with the car.its so amazing and smart and intelligent.i dont know when we'll meet again.but insyAllah next time if you guys are on holiday and we can go out again as long as someone can pick us at puncak alam.

im going back home tomorrow with edyham.i think i should really say thank you to edyham cause he is going to send me directly in front of my my father and carry my bag till the door.i wonder can i find someone like him?but tomorrow will be a bit different because im heading to my mom's school and later pick my sisters from their hostel.i would love to do that.since i was in high school i always dream to pick my sister from hostel for their know how much i loved my sisters.they're like everything to me.

this semester i think is quite difficult for me to write everyday.since the internet connection is not too good and im quite tired the way,im losing another 3 kg this ramadhan.alhamdulillah.although my younger sister is losing like 15 kg but i still feel good cause im not in the 6x kg anymore.wanna reach my target 52 kg one fine day.this is my last weight when i was in standard getting fatter after standard 3.should i blame the joyness i had after passed my PTS examination?

i was thinking of getting some sleep after my asar prayer.cant wait to finish this novel.and im sure im gonna fell asleep while reading im so lazy to walk in the rain to go to bazar at rafflesia for some food,i'll rather have maggi for my sparing my stomach for some nasi briyani at home on friday.i hope i can go out tonight.someone please bring me out.

selamat berbuka puasa.


~fiOnAbEE~ said...

ira? munirah malek ke? aaaaaaaah! lame da xjumpe die! sape lg yg keluar? n bdw,her mom pakai kete pe now?

izzati said...

yup2 munirah malek.shes going back to jakarta a week after raya so bolehla jmp die.
if im not mistaken its mercedes S320L

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