Sunday, January 31, 2010

weekend is over?

hello world

i wake up this morning and realize that its sunday and tomorrow the daily hectic schedule is back.honestly i dont have time to write here and the internet connection sometimes does not allow me even to load the blogger page.too many updates to write here.maybe facebook can tell a lot of things about my current activities.

  1. started my hospital attachment last 2 weeks and spend nearly 1 and half hour journey to selayang hospital every tuesday and wednesday
  2. went to bukit tinggi last saturday for the retailing class's trip
  3. miss my mom's cooking today cause i did not had proper meals yet
  4. my class is crazy.everyday from morning till night.seriusly night.
  5. a lot of assignments.a lot of presentations and a lot of tests waiting
  6. patient counselling sometimes interesting.
  7. JPA is not here yet so i am suffering cause only a few dollars left
  8. i think i need supplement because i am easily tired lately
  9. lots of high-alert tasks to do
  10. my printer sometimes cannot cooperate well with me

i dont know what to write more.and i am rushing to take my shower actually.
all the best people.take care and drive carefully.


~fiOnAbEE~ said...

bet! ish3...siannye! ur schedule padat cm hape!!!
dont stress out urself too muc k dear. just take it easy and everything will be just perfect!

well-well.sian tol korg yg IMU frens yg under JPA sume tgh suffer tggu moolah! hehe

izzati said...

thanks bee.kene sbr je la sbb next sem lg gile!
try my best to take it easy.kalo x mmg hbs la depress.

kejam gile masuk duit lmbt.kena hntr SOS kt rmh

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