Saturday, January 16, 2010

saya punya

my mother is always there for me.when i'm sad.when i'm happy.when i'm angry.i love her.and even my father.the cool hearted man in my life.he even there for me.still remember my last semester's exam when i cry and i think my father don't know what to do and he finally agreed to fetch me from campus and go back for the that time my mother is off to malacca for a,both of them are important in my life.and most of the time they always say yes to us and the most important thing is because of them i've been around malaysia except sarawak.and i'm addicted to travelling because of them also.owh,this is not the topic actually.

i can't remember my last entry.i've decided my research will be on Self Medication among undergraduate pharmacy students.i try my best to be proactive and a good student so my supervisor can give me an A for my PHR555.lately,i can stay awake in class.a little bit sleepy but better than previous semester.hopefully after i start my hospital attachment next week i still have the energy to stay awake.something wrong with my throat.sometimes my voice is not here.please please no sore throat or flu or fever.i can't stand all these things.and sometimes i just hate drugs!

last monday i experienced the worst pain ever.i don't know what it is but luckily its getting better in the evening.i'm really afraid if there is something wrong with my bones but i think maybe due to carrying heavy books before.

next week the hospital attachment will start.every tuesday and wednesday.and class till 7 on monday.till 8.30 on thursday and till 6 on friday.the timetable is getting heavier and killing more jump rope i think.assignments and a few tasks are waiting.i'm trying to be a good student with a new resolutions and i'll try to achieve it.insyAllah.

the white coffee effect is amazing.but it makes me hungry.i'm waiting for the private practice to load and really addicted to that series.and tomorrow morning i'll load cinta balqis because i need to follow up the stories before the last episode this monday.

okay i'm yawning maybe i need a few hours of sleep.take care friends.


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