Tuesday, May 24, 2011

part time driver

hello people

been so busy with my lovely housemate's wedding.thursday morning went to jerantut for henna party.not really a dirty dirty party as what i think most of us expected so we end up do not properly dressed for that events.at noon after lunch served with fried quails and fried quails' eggs with chillies.okay fine actually its puyuh goreng and telur puyuh bersambal.maya said jerantut famous with its quails.we had nice ABC suitable for hot days.as well as kuih tako.google it yourself if you don't know how does a kuih tako looks like.i'm too lazy to upload pictures here.just find it somewhere in my facebook's photo albums okay?

so our hotel room is not that beautiful but worth paying lah i can tell you.for RM50 a queen size bed with a water heater.fully air-conditioned and a TV.you can't even find a RM50 hotel in Klang Valley i think.so just enjoy the room plus its only for a night.no pictures of that room but you can just google jerantut hill resort and click on images.

after zuhur we went back to maya's house and yes the real henna party begins.surrounded with the people and everyone is drawing henna on each other hands.beautiful designs.i asked maya's sister-in-law to draw on my fingers too.i just love the smell of henna.though its from the tube and not originally mixed from the dried leaves but the smell still there.with henna on our hands we went out to eat durian hoping that durian will be delicious for our hi-tea but unfortunately its not that yummy and there is even a worm inside that durian.gross.

it'll be too details if i write everything.actually i'm lazy to write cause i'm hungry and sleepy.i'll talk bout it later okay mates?why they took so long to wash the car.i need my chocolate lava now

okay people go and take your lunch.don't forget to eat and take care.


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