Tuesday, July 28, 2009


today its raining from morning till afternoon
and my first time experience driving in a heavy rain is not that bad
only after a while i got mild headache due to straining of my eyes to see the road clearly
unfortunately after stop at giant i dont feel like going out so i decided to have my lunch at secret recipe.while im waiting for my food the shop blackout due to some technical problem.so eating a black pepper chicken in dark is cool.haha.

then i start my journey to complete the tasks.
i went to bank islam and found out the atm machine broke down.have to fill in the form and wait at the counter.then i asked the officer in charge regarding my mother's credit card.then i walked to the pharmacy and asked about penicillin tag or other personal recognition for penicillin-allergic patient.uncle said no unless you put some sticker on the mykad so it'll be much easier to recognize.

after that i went to the photo shop and developed 256 pictures.till this morning only i can finished put every pictures into the albums.its raining and i dont know where else to go besides im so lazy to park somewhere else.thinking of going back to my grandmother's house but its zuhur time and she must be praying.finally,i decided to go to my mother's school and help her with a few tasks.i think i've done a lot of things yesterday.so today i decided to stay at home and i've to iron all clothes.be a good daughter izzati.haha.

i bought myself a silver bracelet yesterday.and i spend nearly rm200 without realizing it.haha.poor me.so better start ironing now or else i cant finish it before my bosses come home.

i've something to write it here but last night im so sleepy maybe tonight?
insyAllah and hey im making cheesecake and kek batik for my friends this weekend.hopefully i can bring some for you guys to puncak alam.

whats up with me cause i think im having a major grammatical problem today
haishh.need some novel to read i think.tomorrow.shopping time.


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