Friday, July 3, 2009


  • have been ages tak update blog and definitely i miss you!
  • the symposium thought me a lot of things and i met a lot of new friends.of course we're not satisfied with a few things and i hope there is some space for us to do feedback.
  • the post-tour is happy cause my friends are happy too.although im a little bit tired looking there looking here but i dont mind.
  • everything went smoothly except when its time to go back last night.
  • missed my flight last night due to some unreasonable reason and im not flying with that airline anymore
  • stranded at kl sentral for 3 hours and sleep at mcdonalds
  • took first train to seremban and reach there before 7.30 a.m
  • went to GH and being told to home-quarantine for 7 days.10 days supply of Osmivir and masks and mc.not so good to hear.they're calling me everyday to make sure im at home.i'll absolutely get annoyed with it after a few days.
  • wash my clothes and get some sleep on the couch but still feel bad.haven't eat anything since last night and dont know what to eat.
  • i cant open my another handphone and i need a new second hand phone.
  • i have another extra 3 days holiday but i dont know how to go back to puncak alam on wednesday.
  • a lot of things happen since im on my journey
  • our raja diana madiha's birthday on 1st of july
  • my friend passed away in an accident last monday
  • my sister got an offer to STJ but she still refused to go.i need to talk to her but i've to wear a mask.urgh.its killing me.
  • i dont know what happen but i always love the act of denying.dont do that everyday cause you'll get sick like me later.
  • i hope my friends are okay and nobody get diagnosed with the flu.take care people!


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