Sunday, July 26, 2009

esok hari isnin

so tomorrow is monday and i dont really know what to do
i've nothing important to do till wednesday and i keep on thinking of doing some sort of travelling.unfortunately everybody doesnt agree with me.they keep on asking me to stay at home and avoid public transport and take care of yourself and this is so dangerous and just do the house chores and a list of advices.which i choose to keep quiet everytime they start talking.

just coming back from KLIA to send my aunty.
Ya Allah,there are like thousands of cars on the road and they arent moving.
luckily,my aunty called PLUS before we start our journey and managed to avoid the traffic jammed.we reached KLIA 9.12 p.m and the counter for check-in close at 9.15 p.m.nasib baik sempat.

roughly,tomorrow i already planned a trip to tampin where i can do a few things wall shopping.haha.
im going to bank islam regarding my mother's credit card.
im going to print out a few pictures from my laptop.
im going to check my eyes again after 6 months.
im going to a pharmacy and ask about the penicillin's tag.
what else i want to do tomorrow?

i need to decide either i can join them with mandi sungai plan or not.
i always have some difficulties in making a decision.
but abah always said that we cant get everything that we want in our life.
so i hope i can get some decision when i wake up tomorrow morning.

goodnight people
have a sweet dream and sleep tight


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