Saturday, November 14, 2009

seminggu bercuti

hello there

cuti saya sudah bermula semalam.and now i'm already at home surfing the net and downloading with super speed internet and enjoying every single time i have here.without thinking about exams and i'm off to penang tomorrow.backpacking with the girls and exploring brother dengan murah hatinya meminjamkan his camera to me and we're going to play with it.

pagi tadi usai menghantar emak ke sekolah untuk memenuhi undangan hi-tea di concorde inn,me and my sister went to pedas and we had lunch there.the delicious ikan sembilang and gulai ikan is can't find it anywhere.damn delicious.and spending time with grandma and aunties and cousin really make you feel happy.they're always supportive and full with informations and gossips too.

it's raining here and tak berhenti since 11 a.m tadi.i'm off to pasar malam and directly to alang's hostel to meet her.i want to wish her all the best for spm and i hope she can do it.spm is another step in your life that'll determine some part of your future.and i don't want her to be like me.with a silly simple mistake and it affect my whole life till now.alright apa yang sudah berlaku tetap berlaku and now i'm facing all the consequences that i've to take.

i need to send my laptop to the's getting hotter and the sounds is so disturbing.besides,the dvd driver still broken and i can't use it.and my brother sudah tinggalakn saya di rumah and i was thinking of sleeping and unpack a few stuffs from my bag.maybe tonton television juga menarik.solat dulu sebelum terlupa.


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