Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the last one

hello people
tomorrow gonna be the day that all of us have been waiting for because our last paper is tomorrow.i know again i shouldn't be in front of my laptop and blogging but i just want to.who cares right?

so,our plan tomorrow after exam is off to One Utama and watch movie and eat sushi.since the last time we hang out together is during buka puasa so i don't mind spending some amount of money tomorrow night.i hope nothing will disturb our plan because lately it seems like there are too many things happen suddenly and our life has been a little bit upside down.

alhamdulillah only one more paper waiting to be answered and i hope its gonna be okay.i can't say much about the previous paper especially pharmacognosy because i can only pray that i'll pass that paper.that is my biggest mistake in my life and if i've to repeat the paper i'll study hard and remember all the names by heart.but i hope i don't have to repeat because there'll be a lot of problems especially regarding the intersession and the industry practical.

Ya Allah,please let all of us pass the paper with flying colours.Amin.

i'm going back to bongek on friday night as abah and emak will come and fetch me.and then i'm off to penang with miss zubaidah by train on sunday night.hopefully its gonna be a nice and enjoyful trip for us.actually,my main point of going to penang is for the beach and to run away from all the things that has been haunting me since the last few weeks.and please don't follow me problems because you're always everywhere.

i think its time for me to stop and read my notes.although i'm already used to stay up at night but still the time is limited today.need to start early and force myself to stay awake.take care people and good luck.


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