Saturday, November 21, 2009

cuti yang habis

hari ini hari ahad bermakna esok cuti saya akan tamat dan bermula kehidupan saya sebagai pekerja di farmasi sentosa.honestly,i'm very lazy to go to work but i've to.but i've maximized my two weeks holiday before and after this practical wisely.before the practical start i went to penang and after this practical end i'm going to langkawi.insyAllah.

sejak balik dari penang hobi memandu itu telah memenatkan 10 pm i'll fall asleep and then wake up at 5 am which is not really productive because i dont know what to do at that time.malam ini saya berjaya tidak tidur awal setelah dikejutkan oleh abah.and when it is school holiday you know everybody wants to get married and my parents received nearly 10 invitations to wedding ceremonies and it is continuous until the school is open in january.i love to attend wedding ceremonies because sometimes they offer good food and cute souvenirs too.

and today i don't know what to do.i was thinking of watching 500 days of summer and jennifer's body.emak is not cooking today so i don't need to help her out in the kitchen.perhaps i need to clean my room and arrange all the t-shirts and pants.

have a nice weekend people.take care.


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