Sunday, November 8, 2009

senyap seketika

i choose to keep quiet and make a distance with outside world for a while.i'm so stress lately and at first i turn off my laptop and freeze my plurk account and i hope no one will disturb me.i'm not even smsing anyone but why on earth you guys keep on smsing me?i know maybe playing a joke with me is not a big problem but please be careful with what kind of joke you are playing and with whom you are never know how stress i am till i need to call my father and asked him to pick me up here?and what you guys are happy to see i'm stress?

so please stay away from my life.i turned off my handphone this evening and will only answer calls from my parents.if you think you need to find me please try to call my friends.i hope you guys will never disturbed me again.i need friends in my life but not the one who will hurt me and try to apologize when they want because you never know me.

let me take my last three paper calmly and i'm tired of shoulder for me to cry.and battling with my own feelings is really difficult.i wish you all the best for your exam and take care of yourself.


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