Sunday, November 15, 2009

coffee bean kl sentral

heyya people

i'm here waiting for my train at coffee bean kl sentral.usually i'll lepak at starbucks but today lets change our destination.and i love the choices of cakes here.but i think many indonesians love to lepak here too.i'm having dark chocolate peppermint and orange poppy seed cake.and i think i should eat something heavier for my dinner before start my journey.

i'll be back on wednesday morning.this time around i have my father's laptop with me and my brother's nikon d40 with tripod.i kinda love this backpacking trip until i'll have to carry all these things around tomorrow.hopefully its getting lighter by the time we reach penang.

okay i'll finish my foods and wait for bet or hanah to come then go and pray and wait for the train.enjoy your holiday people and if you want anything from penang just sms me.insyAllah i'll find it for you and if you're already in penang let me know then we can eat nasi kandar together.take care and enjoy your holiday.


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