Friday, August 21, 2009

sibuk seperti lebah

seriously i dont know how to manage my precious time
i've to attend meetings everynight this week and for me its freaking terrible
i dont have time for myself to sit back and do some revision
im too tired and fall asleep easily

Ya Allah,please give me some strength to overcome all these stuffs

test biotech telah dijawab dengan menembak sehingga kehabisan peluru
itulah penangan jika study last minute dan tak beri tumpuan dalam kelas
honestly i cant really answer 50% of the question

i cant remember what i've read.and lack of focus in class.and i was damn tired that day.

pharmacognosy class start at 8.30 am and followed by finance class till 1 pm
in the evening,met my mentor till 5 pm and give some support for public speaking till 7 pm
then im off to shah alam at 7.50 pm and i reached puncak alam back at 1 am
i havent finish reading my notes that time and my plan to stay up failed cause i fall asleep till 5.50 i passed through the notes and luckily no class this morning so i've some extra time to finish the notes.but still im not a super duper genius person who can just remember everything in an the end result is i try my best to answer whatever happen to show up in my mind which i hope is the correct answer.

and last night my roomie is not here.after completed the flyers for tarawikh tonight,i did some laundry,emailed to the supplier t-shirts and then try to find some info for veterinary's presentation.and i fall asleep.but the best thing is if i didnt turn off my light ican wake up i can pray my subuh earlier than usual.

so its friday and im going back home with tira today at 4 pm.cant wait to be at home.last night i forgot to take my dinner.thats why i dont really like to be all alone cause i tend to forgot certain things.i hope my gastric will not come and pay a visit to my stomach.

take care people.and selamat berpuasa.


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