Saturday, August 1, 2009

towards the end

okay i only have another one and half day for my mid sem break
every night i want to post new entry but i fall asleep before i could start writing

as the summary for what i did since my last entry.

on wednesday,i went to malacca to meet some high school friends.its definitely so good to meet again with lots of stories,gossips and laughs.
we went to dataran pahlawan,malacca river cruise in the night which is so damn beautiful and ikan bakar de'muara after maghrib.that night i think i fall in love again with him.hes so different and i should say more matured.

a lovely night out!

we found out that the fourth H1N1 case is only a few streets away from my friend's house and in the evening the whole housing area need to be quarantine.should we quarantine ourself too?hopefully we're fine.
ned send us to malacca sentral by 11.30 and i reached home at nearly 3.30.
i can feel the tiredness in me but im happy.

early in the morning i accompany my aunty to imigresen seremban to settle the maid's visa.i was thinking of going to parkson after that but unfortunately i dont have enough time.back at home its already near 1 o'clock and i havent clean up my,a very quick step is to use the vacuum and clear up all the dusts.i've to fetch my sister from her hostel at 2.30 then they called me to let me know they're already near my house.finally,they arrive and then have lunch and after asar we went to tampin.although there is no shopping complex we still able to spend nearly 2 hours there.and last night we bake two cheesecakes and four tupperwares of kek batik.yummy!

oh,and unfortunately i've to say that i miss you.make myself busy and full of activities cant stop me from thinking about you.i dont know how long will it take but i still have to try and try and try.

my two friends are still sleeping and i realize i cant sleep without blanket anymore although the speed of the fan is only 2.and today we're going to sg.kemensah and have bbq and waterfall and paintball.hopefully its not gonna rain or we've to do a backup plan.

gotta go to pack my things and eat some breakfast while waiting for them to wake up.or maybe i should take a nap downstairs.haha

i remind you.
please take care of yourself and those around you
eat well and drive carefully


nadzwareina said...

zati, mata org tertumpu kat 'him' tu.. jeng3, siapakah? hehe.. =p

izzati said...

'him' tu hny dia je yg tau.=)

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