Friday, August 7, 2009

jumaat cuti

long time no see huh?

so what happen last few days?

i met yang at plaza satelit and shes losing her voice due to tonsilitis.i hope shes getting better now.i went to her room and borrow her camera to transfer pictures taken during our trip to malacca last getting bored with my task in our organisation.can you just please make your own decision instead of asking me yes or no.this semester i really dont want to do anything but since the big boss already gave us another task i'll take it and try to make it possible.if i cant just bring it forward to next semester.

the assigments is increasing in number.and from my point of view,third language is now another weight that i have to carry.what do you think?

yesterday we break fast at shah alam.finally,i can eat hainan's chicken chop and have some refreshing sea coconut and longan.unfortunately,i didnt manage to buy donuts at sacc mall.insyAllah next time.the last event of the day is heading to pusat sukan and support our male's volleyball team.before going back to our lovely puncak alam,we stopped at sani to have dinner and before 12 o'clock we start our 30 minutes journey back.

cardio class today was cancelled and unofficially our weekend starts now.however,sadly i dont have any plans for this weekend.and i can feel that being left alone in the room again is not a very good idea to spend my precious weekend.i know lots of assignments are waiting but its weekend at least im going out to do something.i told my friend maybe i want to stay in a hotel if shes leaving me alone this weekend.i wish there is a hotel here.maybe concorde puncak alam?

im kinda feeling sleepy now.and i cant see the purpose of uitm websense to block our plurk.we can only plurk at night and definitely our karma will increase like 0.03 or 0.08 only.okayla as long as it doesnt decrease.

maybe this weekend i'll have extra time to be with you
im feeling normal today
i think better off to sleep or i'll wait till azan subuh
good morning people and have a nice day


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