Friday, August 21, 2009

a life game

so what do you think is going on here
freaking busy with meetings very single night
cant divide time well to study
cant answer correctly during test
i can feel the stupidity in me
if and only if my father know my activity last few days here definitely he'll get angry.what laa izzati.this simple matter pun you cant handle it by yourself.

next week is getting a lot more crazier
presentation for veterinary pharmacy and pharmacognosy
test cardiovascular and respiratory
merdeka celebration
flyers for ramadhan every 3 days.
the last task is killing me.gotta to spend some time in front of lappie to do it.

i dont know what type of life game or heart game you are playing
i wonder what is the purpose of me in your life?
but as the game is on i'll keep on playing and will never surrender
i wont ask the judges till when i have to play
maybe somewhere in october?

you try to run but i keep something which someone accidentally told me long time ago.dont blame her.i know it earlier even you dont want to tell me.
so basically i pretend i dont know anything but i keep until it burst
gotta be strong again izzati.have to.

ramadhan is here.
syawal will come after ramadhan
my birthday will be somewhere after ramadhan
i think i'll get the "best" birthday present from you this year
counting days.curing heart.pretend to be happy.


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