Sunday, December 6, 2009


hello there

its December already and i'm gonna start my new semester on the 4th january 2010.another few weeks to spend at home.practical at pharmacy really helps me to memorize some drugs and learn new things.but i can't describe the tiredness in me every time i come back from the first week i can't stand to walk around and stand for a very long time.but in the second week its getting better.

my precious saturday and sunday is i understand why people really appreciate a day off from work.its the only time when you don't have to spend so much time outside.relaxing yourself at home and no early morning wake up.and i even have some time to blog.i haven't completed my log book yet.really want to do it every night but then by 10.30 i'll fall asleep i front of the television already.but i promise to myself that i'll finish it before the new semester start.

my result will be out on the 10th december.i really hope i don't have to repeat any paper.talking about result will always remind me about examination and all the things that happen during previous exam will come and i hate to think about it.i don't know how related i am to the stories that you guys were talking about but you're messing around with the wrong never know me and you never know what will happen in the future.previous exam is the worst exam i've been sitting for.mentally and physically.i should really say thank you to you guys for teaching me something new that i'll never learn from others.thank you.

this morning i try to bake cup cakes using mom's special recipe for a delicious cake.and now i'm waiting for the cake to cool down and i can pun icing on it.but i'm off to malacca to go to pc fair and dataran pahlawan.maybe after i come back then i can put the icing on it.

i'm off to get a shower then heading to malacca.take care friends.


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