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quick update I

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

really this is a quick update after i finished baking my chocolate chips and before i'm off to bed.alhamdulillah everything goes well today,yesterday,the day before and even last week.but you don't know when Allah wants to test you right.and yeah this is what happen today;

i knocked someone's bad.but i'm so sorry i'm not trying to be rude or what but i think that uncle terlalu shall i said prejudice to me.he asked for my driving license i'm fine with it but what happen to your mouth until you cannot even smile.when i said i'm sorry at least as an adult cakaplah tak apa ke lain kali  bawa kereta baik-baik ke ini tak pandang langsung.hello,am i talking to that tiang lampu ke?even at first he asked me to replace both doors.luckily emak came and i pass everything to her.i'm afraid if that uncle was hurt or whatever but the way he talk to me make me cry.i don't want to cry at first because yeah it was nothing after all but i don't know its not under my emak accompany that uncle to nearby workshop to estimate the price to ketuk his doors.thank you mak and abah for you!

p/s some of you might say my bumper okay je.same goes to that uncle doors but that ketuk thing cost my parents RM 550.i don't know lah memang ketuk ketuk ni mahal ke?

i think i need this book but but but there are more than 10 books i haven't read yet in this house so definitely its a no no for me to buy some more books.but its good to have one.someone give me this book please? thank you!

coretan ikhlas dari saya sebagai huraian status senja di facebook tadi.memang tanggungjawab anak muda untuk hormati yang tua tapi sebagai seorang makhluk Allah di muka bumi ini juga mestilah kita menghormati sesama kita.jangan salahkan yang muda semata bila yang tua tidak dihormati.cari pokok pangkal siapa tahu ada sejarah kenapa jadi begitu.tak salah kalau saya pinta yang lebih tua untuk menghormati yang muda juga kan?


aan jaafar said… lepas da lnggar bontot kete die,lnggar bontot pakcik 2 paisir jek..xpe..ini hari die sok die plak terlanggar kete org bru die rase cmne..chill bet =)
izzati said…
hehehe thank a-an..mmg paisey gile muka pakcik tu.adik bet berapi je tgk muke die.isy3 sabar je laa

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