Tuesday, June 15, 2010

minggu kelima

hello world
what's up everyone?sleeping already?
i'm off to bed a few more minutes.cause tomorrow is wednesday and i've to work.my toothpaste still under construction and its kind of boring to do same thing every single day.experiments are interesting but cleaning up are not interesting at all.i'll try to minimize the apparatus so i don't need to wash a lot of things in the end.

what happen last week?
assigned new task to find formulation for fluoride free toothpaste.kind of interesting but yet still hard to find.i've to modify here modify there and check the stability.have to compare the commercial and homemade formulation.have to grind salt to make the particle as small as i can.getting bored with the task.

going back to bongek.have dentist appointment on saturday.attend wedding on saturday.going back to pedas in the evening.sleep early at night.i really love semester break.no test.no asignment.no notes.the only thing that make me worry is i'll gain weight at home.haha.

okay talking about examination result.mine is not that bad but still kind of frustrating.my cgpa is above 3 but if i do not study hard next semester i'm pretty sure it'll drop below 3.so please please remind me and remind yourself to study.playing around is another thing but study should come first.but alhamdulillah i did pass all the papers.

so this weekend i dont know either im going back to bongek or stay here or attend tira's bro's wedding or stay in pasir gudang.too many activities.too little time.i shall decide later.

one more thing.my house's owners are crazy.obviously they want to increase the monthly rent because everyone is taking advantage from us.and they're driving us crazy.Allah knows everything.what goes around comes around.

time to sleep.wish you all the best and take care.


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