Monday, January 17, 2011

january without money

hello people
its cloudy outside and here i am writing new entry for my blog.actually i can't contractor is here to repair few things in this house and the drilling sound is so terrible.i can't stand it but i have to bear with it cause no one is awake to take care of this house.three of them are sleeping while some of them back at home and some of my housemates were out for PBL.definitely i'm gonna sleep early tonight and i can wake up a lil bit early too.

few updates since i came back in this jungle:
  • we still in our money-less state as our main sponsor hasn't bank-in our scholar yet
  • went to sg.tekala last wednesday with friends and the waterfall is awesome!
  • went to shah alam last saturday and we kind of visit every section and even we pray our Asar at Pusat Islam just for the sake of visiting and killing our precious time
  • its Thaipusam on Thursday so we managed to postpone and replace classes on Tuesday and Friday so we have a lil bit longer holiday from Wednesday until Sunday.its a yeaaay for me.
  • we planned to go to a few places but since we had no money so we have to postpone all the plans
  1. sunway lagoon
  2. melaka river cruise + ikan bakar + pantai puteri + menara taming sari + ubi ketuk
  3. bukit tinggi colmare tropicale
  4. sg.klah hot spring + cameron highland + lost world of tambun
  5. jalan masjid india + jalan TAR + chow kit road
  6. Aquaria + Petrosains
  7. temerloh + jerantut + taman negara endau-rompin
  8. kg kelip-kelip
  9. pulau kapas
  • the most important thing is i'm going back home tomorrow!

ignore the previous entry that i wrote cause its full with emotion and unknown sentences.
just a typical me who used to write when i feel uncomfortable or emotionally attack with something.who knows a simple YES can lead to a BIG misunderstanding and BIG fight which is difficult to a normal person i tend to make mistake and i am sorry about that.

amy came back and brought pisang goreng and keropok lekor.lets have hi-tea mates!

really can't wait for


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