Sunday, March 6, 2011

quick update

hello people

perhaps i should write something here.few updates;

  • had our final dinner last night at SACC convec
  • my camera's lens broke down.the lens was totally damaged and i have no idea what happen actually and now i'm officially cameraless.anyone willingly to borrow me your camera?
  • spend a night at intekma resort with friends and we had fun during maya's hen party
  • currently at home cause my brother is off to sarawak for 6 months working.gonna miss you so much big brother!
  • only spend one night at puncak alam this everyday from rembau to puncak alam and it kind of drive me crazy a lil bit
  • had a blast evening during photography session wit housemates and hafiz ismail at tasik shah alam.hafiz,please give me the link as early as you can cause we can't wait to see the picture
  • will only have a class tomorrow and a test on thursday and the rest we're free
  • registered for tesco's walk for kids this sunday and will attend housewarming and brain on saturday
  • need some strength to drive tomorrow so i think i'm off to la la land now

a quick update from me.i need few hours more.i hope my health condition 'll not getting worse when i wake up tomorrow.take care friends!


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