Thursday, June 9, 2011


yes.i'm sick.

not typical fever attack but typical stomach upset.

me having trouble with my stomach since high school.

though its a minor one but when it comes and visit me i'm in trouble.

starts with blood from my intestine(my friends said its normal).it stops already.

here come my long lost friend.gastric without heart burn warning.yosh!

it begins last evening.luckily i have a box of ranitidine 150mg but i think i need more than that.still i can feel that crumpling effect in my stomach (this is what i always feel when i suffered gastric).but i'm too tired yesterday just grab my phone and go to sleep.wake up few times and alhamdulillah less pain this morning.

however,my post-crumpling effect getting worse.i ate nasi goreng for breakfast and after few spoons i already received an urgency to go to the toilet.and now diarrhea comes and visit me too :'(

please please please my dear stomach.get well soon.


Azuma Ninja said...

Praying that your condition will improve. Any recent medical check up?

ALYA ZAKY said...

jumpe doc la bet klu persist mcm ni.takut ade prob len.bkn nk menakutkn bet.just wottied ade masking sakit perut,tp maybe ade prob lain

izzati said...

azuma ninja:
thanks.getting better now.

my stomach dah okay skrg.nanti bet pergi check-up tapi tu lah my friends cakap maybe food poisoning je aritu.hopefully dah betul2 recover lah

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