Wednesday, March 17, 2010

masa yang ada

hello there

dengan seriusnya sudah lama tak menulis disini.dan sesungguhnya sangat sibuk dan merasakan untuk menaip disini perlukan privasi dan masa yang cukup.and suddenly i remember the quote that always wander around my head during my tadika years as abah always loves to use this quote in my speech's wonderful it is.i miss my childhood so much.i have great friends.great families.great teachers too.

and i miss my family worries.abah is coming tomorrow to send along's precious dslr to me.i need to study how to use it first before this saturday.a little works need to be done to complete my project site.thanks to all group members for being so supportive and cooperative in doing this.they are making my life much more easier and happier.

mr.hadi returned my first draft proposal and yeah only a little bit changes required.supposed it won't take long to do it.maybe i shall start writing my report for hospital will never get easier today.its getting harder day by day.another one test is waiting but don't know when.presentations are waiting.should prepare for this earlier.and my classmate is getting married this april.i think everyone is getting married la engaged la.and i don't even have a boyfriend.but i think i'm too young to think about all these things.i need to enjoy my life but i think someone is flirting outside there?hahaha.wish you all the best boy.

the brain and health carnival will be held at subang parade this saturday.come come come.i'll be available at the health screening text me if you guys are gonna enjoy it.seriously.i shall make a move to the toilet and take shower.just finished playing dance mat alone.though a little bit boring but still enjoy it.

take care and love you peeps!


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