Monday, April 5, 2010


hello people
anywhere you are i wish you are happy and in a good conditions
life as always is getting busy and busier and to the busiest that it can
basically march is over and april is waiting

april means final exam is here.and presentations.
its really tough as presentations mean a lot.
i have my research proposal presentation on wednesday.
and next week my project site presentation.

i really hope my friends are doing good and we can get through all these stuffs.

my friends met with accident last week.
edyham still in hospital seremban waiting for his turn to put plate in his radius.
am in hospital sungi buloh and done his operation yesterday.
really hope that both of them are fine and we can answer the exams together.

we went to a few states last saturday.
as kak eeqa's ceremony in batu pahat so we decided to stop at melaka and eat ikan bakar.
i'm afraid that we lost our way through out the journey.
but alhamdulillah everything went well.foods are good.
but we are physically tired.

a lot things happen.
H1N1 is back.a few cases lately.
dengue shock syndrom i'm not gonna simply take the public transport cause i know
genetically i had i'm prone to the infection actually.
please be more careful with your current health conditions people!

i'm addicted to poker and mercy.
i should be more addicted to notes and slide shows.but everything seems boring.
typical izzati please be more discipline and no procrastinating.

i wish everyone all the best and good luck.
and get well soon.
love ya!


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