Sunday, April 3, 2011

i'm sorry dear

hello people

yes i'm sorry dear blog.have been so long i didn't write anything here.i even didn't open the blogger's tab and read other people blogs as well.shall i say i'm too busy with the hospital attachment and plus the internet sometimes not that good for me to open the blogs.but never mind i promise will post something every time i'm back at home.

what to write?
i've thousands of words to spill it here.but i don't know whether people will read or not.but who cares right?this is my blog :P

just finished my hospital last hospital attachment.gained a lot of new knowledges and experiences.we become closer.thats the important part in our friendship i believe.i'm getting scared day by day thinking whether i can be a good pharmacist or not.only few months left before my status will change from student to a government servant.fixed salary every month but fixed working hours and sometimes extra working hours.can i cope with it?can i be a good pharmacist and follow the ward round?can i dispensed and counsel patient about their drugs?oh Allah please help me and guide me to be a good pharmacist.

only a few weeks left before final exam begins.will have my SPA interview on,i'm currently at home cause i need my mother to prepare the file.its like a common practice among me and my brother that emak will make sure everything is ready before we go for an interview.

next week will be my final hospital presentation.after that i'll spend few days at home.and maybe around 21st april i'll go back to puncak alam to continue my study week.need to study smart this time and make sure i'll pass all the papers.insyAllah.

my exam will start on the 28th april until 9th may.after that i'm free.hoping that i don't have to repeat any paper.especially ethics and forensics.its too difficult until i don't even know how to study for that paper.its all about aw and law and law :(

one thing come across my mind.i read a post in my schoolmate's of my friend post something that sounds like he is kind of angry because med student ex-mozac looks arrogant.maybe didn't notice him and just walk pass by him.i don't know why but i have some feelings that hes talking about me.theres no harm right for me to feel like that?i think it might be me because the one who post about it is currently studying in kolej sains kesihatan near that hospital sg.buloh.and i just finish my hospital attachment there.maybe he doesn't know that i'm not a medical student cause we wear white coats like doctors too.if thats really me i'm truly madly deeply sorry cause seriously i'm very very very bad in recognizing and looking for people.just for my little concern about other people feelings.yeah,sorry mate!maybe you should say hello next time you see people that you recognize in case the other party didn't remember you :D

okaylah i better prepare my resume.please take care.maybe i can write something later here.don't forget o eat good foods you!


ALYA ZAKY said...

those who like to judge peeps,just ignore them.only Allah knows u best.

from an ex-mozac medic student ;)

~fiOnAbEE~ said...

kan bettt!! bee pon same gak!! ramai glr kot org kt hosp xkan la nk pandang sorg2..kang org igt kt ni dok usha2 lak
next time if u kenal someone just go n talk to him/her la..kalu lps tu that someone ignore you,then yeah..mmg bitch glr la kan..
ni xpsl2 je kene..ishhh..apedaaaaa

izzati said...

why why why u didn't tell me you've a blog?haha.yeah just ignore them plus i'm very very sure i'm not coming back to sg.buloh again :P

haha.kang dpt plak patient yg psycho lg scary kot nk pandang2.kalau dah tegur and buat bodoh tu mmg patutla nk ckp sombong ke ape.free2 je dpt sombong.x tau apesal but mcm dpt feeling yg hes talking bout me ;D

Azuma_Ninja said...

newcomer here :)

izzati said...

hello.welcome to my blog :D

Azuma Ninja said...

Thanks for the warm welcome. Do check my blog too.

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