Tuesday, September 27, 2011

crazy diet plan

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

been trying very very hard to lose weight.at least lose some inches around my big fat tummy.hopefully will look good this 16th and 22nd october.

i'm very glad to share with you diet plan suggested by someone to me.its a one week challenge but i'll start my diet tomorrow.too hungry lah tonight :D

  • at least 2.5 liter plain water a day

  • breakfast;
    • 3 tablespoon plain oat + hot water (not milk) OR 2 half-boiled egg (the egg yolk only) 
    • Kopi O or Teh O

  • brunch;
    • 1 apple (or orange)

  • lunch;
    • 2 pieces of tauhu OR 4 Yong Tau Fu and vegetables OR meehun soup

  • hi-tea;
    • 1 orange

  • dinner (please dinner 4 hours before you go to bed);
    • soup - chicken breast (without skin) / meat ball / fish ball + cabagge / brocoli + 2 celery sticks + 1 green pepper + 2 tomatoes + 2 onions + 1 carrot
    • NO potatoes and corn at all

Strictly can't take these foods for;
  • 2 months;
    • all goreng-goreng
    • rendang
    • sambal
    • kari (kari without santan still okay)
    • carbonated drinks
    • canned drinks
    • 3 in 1 drinks

  • can't take at all
    • ALL fast foods (maybe can eat lah sometimes :P)

  • 2 weeks
    • rice
    • bread
    • biscuits
    • mee gemuk (yellow mee)
    • kuih-muih
    • cakes (seriously gonna ignore this)
    • pancakes
    • peanuts (gonna miss my lovely peanut)

insyAllah will start my diet tomorrow.
jom jom jom diet with me.

take care people!


~fiOnAbEE~ said...

the foods that are prohibited looks more yummmmmehhh! hahaha...jk!
bertahan bettttt!!!! chaiyokkk!!!

bdw never knew that chicken breast termasok dlm diet regime eh?? patot la berat bee xnaik2..cz chicken breast is my fav!! without the skin and lemak2 of cos.haha

izzati said...

crazy laaah since balik semalam rasa macam kena denda je tak boleh makan macam2 but i think i can eat only small portion and exercise back.haha.

stop eating chicken breast and take drumstick now okay? :P

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