Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ultimate Cheesy vs Chunky Loaded

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
"Dengan menyebut nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang"

Last Tuesday we went to Pizza Hut to try out their latest pizza which is the Ultimate Cheesy 7 Pizza. Last time we went there and had their 10 layers Chunky Loaded Pizza that turns out not that really delicious for us. I guess we just don't like than thin crust as the base plus too many stuffs inside. Would love to have the normal Pepperoni Delight with pan crust or stuffed crust instead of that Chunky Loaded pizza.

In case you can't remember which one is the Chunky Loaded Pizza here is the advertisement few months back;

However,we love this Ultimate Cheesy so so so so so much!
Its worth every ringgit spend but if you don't like cheese please don't even get near it because it smells sooo cheesy and it definitely tastes good.
Here is the advertisement;

Actually you can add toppings instead of just plain cheese. We add pepperoni to give a little bit of flavor. And you can see that cute little ball on the pizza its Philadelphia Cream Cheese the one that I used to bake a cheese cake. Spread that cheese on your pizza before you eat it.

Its totally awesome. I think I can go and eat it everyday.
But, if you are on diet just have a slice of it and keep the rest of the pizza for the next day. Eat a slice of pizza a day won't affect your diet as long as you take a lot of fruits and vege and drink a lot of water too.

And now i'm hungry and I don't know what to have for lunch.

Take care people. Don't forget to have a slice of Ultimate Cheesy for your lunch :)


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