Saturday, October 1, 2011

wonderful birthday celebrations

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

its my birthday yesterday.dah tua *sigh*
i miss birthday celebrations with friends.every year  since my kindergarten years i'll celebrate my birthday with friends.

mak and abah will prepare party packs for my kindergarten's friends.even only air kotak and apollo cake kids will love it and a simple birthday cake with icing and my name on know lah back in the 90s you don't have fondant cake or secret recipe around here so a simple sponge cake is enough.

same goes to my primary school years.five years there and same routine every that age my friend will give me birthday presents like a pencil,sharpener or small that time pun pocket money was only 50 cents a day how come they want to buy a big one :D

back in MOZAC the celebrations become merrier.with friends around.dormmates,classmates,seniors.abah and mak will buy for me cake during weekend and we'll eat together after prep class at night.but there is another celebration that i'm afraid of every year.the 'mean' one! when it comes to this celebration you'll never know how i wish nobody knows when is my birthday.some of them are crazy enough to make people suffer on their birthday.but the memories remain there and its priceless :)

birthday celebrations in UiTM were awesome! 
and don't worry they have lot of ideas how to make every year full of memories.thank you *hugs*

my first year,
they gave me bola from memory lane.alaa the one with small beans inside.

my second year,
they bought me yellow sandals from momoe

my third year,
we had pizza from san francisco pizza if i'm not mistaken decorated with m&m on it 

my final year,
the biggest celebration ever!
my hospital mates bought ice cream for me and cake and we celebrate it in that small seminar room in Hosp. Sungai Buloh

and i didn't realize that my housemates have something for me that night.they even invite quarter of my classmates that night and bought brownies for me and nasi goreng and many more lah!
i can't tell you how much i love you mate! *nangis*

so sweet.thank you everyone who came to last year surprise party.

this year i'm here in my own home sweet home having fun with my parents on my birthday.

thank you Allah for the wonderful 22 years

will update on my birthday wishes later.
take care people.have a nice weekend!


sapesapri said...

bzday sg buloh !!

izzati said...

birthday sungai buloh best!

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