Friday, November 11, 2011

A new chapter begins

Assalamualaikum Hello mate! Since I've been here since 8 a.m waiting for the arrival of madam director of hospital tampin I extremely bored.thank you to my new boyfriend. Always there to accompany me. I played games.from sushi chop to fruit ninja to water. Even I read on turburhaler and MDI (since we've assessment next two weeks). I think my colleague in seremban is having another briefing session today.hate that I miss that session because of this aku janji thing. Should realize it yesterday laaaa and see now I've to wait here for an hour and then fight till the end of my life to find a parking at HTJS after this. Trust me to find a parking at HTJS is terrible. Lucky enough if you can park your car at parking awam down there and walk walk walk to the admin building. Good for your health though but not good if you're an asthmatic patient. I even think that I need to bring an inhaler next time. Forgot to tell you that I'm officially a civil servant working for government and officially staff of Hospital Tampin but will undergo my one year training at HTJ, Seremban. Complicated enough? It's even complicated when all my administration things will be done by Hospital Tampin but I'll be working at Seremban. My salary will be paid by Tampin but my cuti I have to apply to seremban. Sabar je lah. And I can't deny that working is extremely tiring. Last night I decided to take a nap until 11.30 but in the end I woke up at 3 am. I even missed that Miss Universe Malaysia as I fell asleep while watching the show. I think this weekend I've a lot of things to do. Clean up my room. Wash the toilet. Iron my clothes for a week. Wash the car. Madam director is already here but someone is having discussion with her inside and me here waiting outside "patiently". Hopefully I can reach seremban before 11. Still need pengesahan from ketua jabatan for my pas keselamatan. Till then, take care friends!


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