Saturday, November 26, 2011


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
"Dengan menyebut nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang"

alhamdulillah masih diberi Allah kekuatan meneruskan tugas yang disandang.
sedar tak sedar dah dua minggu berkerja. despite all the assessment and all the expectations from pegawai farmasi that expect us to be "that" good and "that" knowledgeable about the drugs we still survive again this week. thinking of writing about my work last weekend but you know lah school holiday always full with wedding invitations.

assigned to Out Patient Department for 2 months sounds terrible and scary.
but Alhamdulillah everyone there really help each other and admitting your mistake help you to learn a lot.
there are five of us in OPD. Me, Ainul, Faizal, Siew and Esha.
for the first three weeks we are not allowed to dispense because Pn.Erin wants us to familiarize with the location of the drugs first. We did a lot of filling. Sometimes labelling. But i don't like labelling because i'm not so sure about when to take the drugs (before or after food) but at least Hanah sent that small book which really helps me in labeling. at least i have some guidelines while doing it.i think we'll start dispensing next week since some of the PRP is attending Kursus Induksi for a week.

talking about assessment.we've a list of things that need to be assess.from MDI until Premarin cream.includes clexane & arixtra, warfarin, insulin, nasal spray and HAART. i don't like HAART because it's complicated and a lot of opportunistic infections related.even now I'm still looking for an answer whether patient can eat HAART drugs at the same time with anti-TB drugs.

just a small note to myself.when one day i'm the senior FRP in a hospital never judge someone or never ask which university he/she came from and then make a face.Its annoying.People can read your non-verbal language.remember that.

It's my mistake I don't know how to answer your question but it's not my lecturers' mistakes.I know lah you're so genius.maybe once upon a time studied in a well known university or a MPharm holder I don't know lah since I graduated from a not-so-famous-and-good-university in Malaysia kan?

next week I'll go to AADK and Penjara. So nice HTJS kan to give us new experience at penjara.

till here.insyAllah will write again next time.

take care.have a nice weekend and Salam Maal Hijrah.


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