Thursday, May 20, 2010

minggu kedua

hello people

this is my second week in johor bahru and currently adapting myself to the the routine and to everything.i still have another five weeks to be here and hopefully everything goes well.

basically this week i spend entire day in front of the computer and sending emails to invite lecturers from many universities to one of the conference organised by CEPP.its kind of boring but at least i've something to do rather than playing games and do nothing.maybe i shall go back and read about sapindus rarak tomorrow cause i believe that next week puan zarani will ask me about tomorrow will write my report and will be sapindus rarak's day.

so universal studio last saturday is definitely a must-visit place.i can't afford to go to other universal studio so went to singapore is good enough for me already.thank you abah for sponsoring me to singapore.i love you!

and this sunday we planned to picnic at kota tinggi waterfall and hopefully we can go there although maybe just three or four of least we have time to relax for a while.and enxt week im going back home on thursday and then i'm off to cameron highland on friday.and back to johor in sunday.can't wait for next week.yeay.

i hope my friends are having good time with their industrial training.and you take care and love you!


mEMYselfandi said...

bestnye nak p picnic..mau ikot..=p

izzati said...

mari2 turun johor :D

sYuHaDah said...

nk gk g universal studio jles2 heee

izzati said...

korg ptt pergi..naik tiger airways murah je syu..pergi weekend pun okay hehehe..ramai2 baru best naik rides die :D

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