Thursday, May 13, 2010

minggu pertama

hello people
i'm writing from hanah's room after some dinner.delicious daging black pepper but really hot and spicy.hopefully my stomach is doing well tonight or else i have to take dhamotil tomorrow.the target during this industrial training is to write at least once a week.

currently,i have met my supervisor and we already decided on what to do and what is the outcome from this industrial training.unlike other friends,CEPP is more on research and development so more or less it just the same thing like FYP but i don't have to do the supervisor will ask someone else to do it for me.actually kind of excited to do some extraction and produce cream and soap from sapindus rarak.please google it yourself cause i'm pretty lazy tonight.however,pn.zarani needs to find the fruits first and i can do the extraction later.

we have been spending some amount of time at hutan bandar but the weather is not really nice lately.all the joints and muscles work pretty hard and maybe adapting to the pressure that i put on it.but kind of happy to see cute little kids playing around at the playground.when they smile they look very sweet.

i hate working hours.need to wake up early.depart from home as early as 7.40 am.with the traffic lights.the roundabouts.the bumpers.annoying.have to bear with this for another 6 weeks.i hope there is some conference or seminar going on so i have reason to go out from CEPP and gain extra my dream lah kan?

okay gotta go and brush teeth.iron my baju a few chapter of book and then fall asleep.good night everyone.take care.


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