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the excuse is chemistry

Throw tantrums and argue the point, but teenagers may now have an excuse for their moody behaviour.

A hormone produced by the body to calm itself down during periods of stress seems to act in the opposite way in teenagers, making them more anxious, according to research published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

When the brain experiences stress, it switches on receptors using a range of chemicals including the steroid THP. In adults and people who have not reached their teenage years, THP reduces anxiety. But researchers found that in adolescent mice it increased anxiety levels.

maka bukan salah aku kerana akhir-akhir ini

mengalami masalah emosi.

esok kertas pertama peperiksaan.


tahniah saudara HariryAriffin kerana lulus peperiksaan.:)

sambung mentelaah.kenyang.





~fiOnAbEE~ said…
BETTY! goodie-goodie luck to you!!!!

kalo susah sgt igt bee..konpem leyh jawabnye! hikhikhik ^-^
berus jamban said…
bak kata orang tua-tua,
selamat maju jaya =)
izzati said…

thanks for the wish...
and GOOD LUCK to u too!!!!!

berus jamban,

terima kasih juga..:)
Asak said…
Gudluck exam oink..
Wish ar kt aku gak..
izzati said…

ye ah ko pun good luck gak..
bile paper??
Anonymous said…
gud luck
izzati said…

thank you again..:)
Adam Azhar said…
thank you for following my blog.You have a nice blog too

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