Monday, April 13, 2009


thinking of making kek batik tonight but i am so tired now
backache and stomachache
today is the first day of our study week and bermula dengan sangat baik for me
hopefully i can continue my study tonight

i like study week because semua orang balik kampung
but i'll miss my friends and i can only see them during the exam day only

went to lecturer's room and see my assessment mark.quite satisfied with the results but still a lot more people are better than harder izzati!

abstract for apps's research sudah siap.sambil menonton abph malam tadi kami siapakan dan peristiwa tertinggal kuih apam dalam kereta sungguh menyedihkan.kempunan mahu makan apam semalam.

selamat study kawan-kawan
miss you and love you!


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