Tuesday, April 21, 2009


sorry sorry sorry for not updating you mr.blog.
i know i should find a time for you in a day but im too tired and i have to keep a distance from the keyboard to avoid spending too much time in front here.dont worry at least i've a lot of thing to write here when i want to.

weekend of course does not look like a weekend at all.the same routine like weekdays.dan masa itu berlalu sangat pantas.a week for study but it looks like i didnt study anything at all.how on earth people can read so fast and remember what they read.i still have time to cover everything.believe in yourself!

and its already tuesday today.another two days left before my first paper start.i will start my final examination with marketing.the one that i love the most hopefully can help me this semester.insyAllah.after marketing will be endocrine paper.its kind a scary paper to me.especially the hormones and medicinal chemistry's part.and every part lah.should try harder and score.

i forgot to put the birthday's entry for my friends last week.im so so so sorry.but i still remember your birthday.dont worry.and my neckache and backache are getting worse.i need thermorub everytime i want to start study.i have to bear these pains for another 3 weeks.help me Ya Allah.

i have hundreds more words to put here but i think im afraid i've to spend another few hours in front my laptop.better go and pray and start revising back.need to finish my endocrine's notes tonight.and tomorrow start with marketing back.

gotta see you later and take care friends!
miss you and love you always.

doakan kejayaan kami semua!


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