Sunday, April 5, 2009

morning people

hello sunday

its me early in the morning.i woke up one hour ago and everything is not properly shut down before i fall asleep.the door still open.the lamp still laptop still here.i cant even remember what happen before i sleep.crazy crazy people.

so its sunday and im typing the script for our mandarin's short story project.i hope i can finish it this morning so i can do another task in the noon.maybe printing out some notes for mr.tommy's quiz next week.

i discovered a new branch of sate kajang haji samuri at pkns shah alam on friday.its sate kajang in shah alam!wow.usually im having this sate kajang during on our way back from cameron highland at r&r gonna ask my friend to go there since my another friend is not at you said we have to enjoy our weekend.

im quite sad when weekend comes.its not because i dont like weekend.perhaps i really love weekends.only when i cant have a proper meal.dont know what to eat and of course end up eating maggi.if and only if
im staying at home i dont have to eat maggilah.aduh.

have a nice sunday people.gonna miss you today.
and liverpool menang last night kan?

seperti biasa
gambar ini tak ada kaitan langsung
selamat melompat tali


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