Sunday, June 14, 2009


spend another night di kampung kerana esok ingin menjemput aunty di klia.mengikut perancangan selepas subuh akan bertolak.sepatutnya malam ini hendak tidur awal tapi bukan selalu lepak-lepak di kampung.dapat online sekejap pun jadilah.owh dan malam ini tajuk mereka hantu dan jin dan yang berkaitan.haha.kalau ramai-ramai tak apalah tak adalah takut sangat.

tonight no durians dan hanya tolong aqel habiskan kuah durian dan makan lauk durian malam tadi.hari-hari yang dipenuhi dengan durian.and i can't believe i gained nearly 3 kg at home.waaaaaa!can't blame anyone except durians cause its too high in calories and sugars.haha.after this please izzati,you have to walk and exercise and jangan makan banyak-banyak.maybe puncak alam is a good place to start.

and again don't know why im excited to go to johor although i know im going to have a non stop journey after that.i'll make sure i've time to eat sandwich at season cause only in johor i can find it.and gonna look for some souvenirs for apps.insyAllah.

i think the time is now.the battery is almost empty.and nobody is here to chat with me.have to wake up at 5.30 tomorrow and im looking for somebody from johor with phone number 0777*****.hey,you called me this afternoon is it?anything important i need to know?

im going to sleep now.good night and have a sweet dream.



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