Thursday, June 11, 2009


currently waiting for nothing.

owh,the exam's result will be out tomorrow.and i hope everythings will be okay.

i've some trouble updating my blog.i think too many things to write here till i dont know which one is the the end i didnt write anything.poor me.everyday my new routine,looking for durians.and now im waiting for manggis and little bored with durians already.haha..

the best thing is i dont have to wear rubber bands between my braces anymore.i need another few months to remove this lovely braces.owh ya,nazeera called me right after my appointment.can't believe im talking to her cause i didnt know shes coming back this summer.girl,miss you so much!

i've only a few days to be at home.specifically until 20th june.after that i'll start my journey to travel all around malaysia.just kidding.not really around malaysia.only a few states.i hope everything gonna be okay and according to plan.i want to meet my friends too and i hope i really have time for that!

i need a sleep now.suddenly feels like something gonna bother me tonight.goodnight people.have a sweet dream.


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