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im off to bed in a few more minutes.

tomorrow will be another non-stop journey from johor to bongek.
kalau tak banyak kereta maybe in 3 hours dah sampai.
last saturday banyak lori dan sangat tak smooth perjalanan.
kalau mampu i'll drive all the way back home.doakan perjalanan saya.

tomorrow mr.tommy sepatutnya bagi atikah poster untuk diprint and i hope he'll.
cause im worried if anything happen and the poster tak siap print ke.minta-minta lah semua berjalan lancar.lagi sekali,tolong doakan sama ya.

saya masih tidak beli souvenir for apps and i better look for it tomorrow.
got a blouse that im looking for.although its slightly bigger but i dont care.
and also stuffs for my sisters,juice for abah and nothing for along.sorry.haha.

and i think tonight saya telah tidak sengaja buat orang kecil hati ke merajuk ke cemburu ke saya pun tidak pasti.owh,im so sorry.i didnt mean it.seriusly.
maka,dont take it seriusly.okay?and please if you feel i shouldnt act like that leave me a message.i dont mind instead of you writing something that shows you're angry or jealous or whatever.and now i realize why my friend told me once,dont write with your emotion cause people may judge you through your writing.sorry again people!

sebelum lebih banyak yang terluka atau saya yang terasa maka better go to sleep happily.insyAllah pagi esok akan bangun jika diizinkan Allah.dan dengan jujurnya saya sudah lama tidak dengar khabar berita tapi diamkan sahaja kerana dia bukan milik saya.simpan baik-baik dalam dada.biar dia bertakhta.lama mungkin akan terlupa.hentikan bait-bait rapuan ini segera.

selamat malam semua!


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