Sunday, December 28, 2008

28th December

hari ini plan ke melaka terpaksa dibatalkan
i don't think i can make it
alone to melaka
by bus
i don't want my flu and sore throat become worse
i want to start my class next week
and i have to take care of myself

i'm going back to shah alam tomorrow
have to pack all my stuffs
don't know what to pack
where to start
when to start

semalam Yang Dipertuan Besar NS mangkat
semoga roh almarhum dicucuri rahmat Allah s.w.t

awal muharram.azam baru di tahun baru.


izzahismail said...

sudah lame tak singgah.
chantek layout! ;)

izzati said...


hehe..baru realize pink and black is a good combination..
sila2 la singgah lagi bila free..

good luck!

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