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i hate you

i hate this feeling

when you feel

i'm not supposed to write in english
cause my english ****
somehow these are the words that i can think right now


why you always come and disturb me?
can you just go away?
i need a LOT of time to get rid of you
i'm helpless now

and again i think Malaysia sangat menyeronokkan
another day dihabiskan melawat Malaysia
and tonight i want to plan another trip melawat Malaysia

lupakan sahaja.biarkan dia.



mrdhyh said…
yeah baby,,malaysia is veryyyyy interesting..cume kte je yg tak perasan huhu..
izzati said…
tu lah pasal..
jln2 malaysia pun dh ckp best rasanya..
dpt2 kalo sape yg minat sejarah..hehe
mrdhyh said… bukanla minat kat sejarah..suke jalan2 je :D hehehe..
eh nway yg sbelah zati yg pakai tudung coklet tu mak ke?
izzati said… aunty tu but my mum pny sister la..
rupa kami sama kah?hehe
mrdhyh said…
oOoo.. xdela same sgt tp adela features yg same sket tp tatau tang mane. hehe..
izzati said…
hehe..adelah tu sket2 yg sama..

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