Thursday, January 29, 2009

4 years

i forgot to celebrate 4 years im in love with my braces today its already 4 years and 8 days.
and thats my 34th appointment
owh my dear teeth!

i hope i can remove this braces before i graduate
or else its going to be 6

today full with activities until i get confused till the end of the day
from morning stuck in traffic jam
although i only want to go to tampin
so walk to the bank and pharmacy and finally to the optometrist

esok aku akan pulang ke shah alam
aku tak mahu bergegas-gegas pulang hari jumaat nanti
besides,i have to settle that stuffs tomorrow
kalau dia tak dapat siapkan memang nak kena lah

haha.kerja-kerja aku semua tak siap lagi.
ini memang betul-betul cuti.
tak apalah asalkan aku gembira.walaupun sekejap.

dan sekarang aku bingung.


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