Wednesday, January 21, 2009


its raining heavily outside
and everything seems like turning into black and dark
owh,poor people at pasar malam
it must be difficult for them to finish their goods

and it looks like every evening the rain will fall
i thought only yesterday it'll rain
and somehow i think
its good when you feel sad and its raining
i feel like somebody else is crying together with me

i witnessed an accident just now
a small accident between a motorcycle and a car
before i perform my Asar prayer i heard something
down there in UiTM
the motorcyclist doesnt injured as he can walk after that
please people who ride a motorcycle
be more careful especially when its raining
car drivers usually can't see you clearly

another task for this semester
and my weekend until april already full with activities
now im homesick
i want to eat my mother's homecooking
i want to eat mak ngah's tomyam
i want to eat ayam bakar with kicap
i want to drink teh o at wan's house
i miss doing all those things

i received an official letter from MERCY
this sunday i've been assigned to do the registration job
for the mobile clinic at Jalan Kapar,Klang
this is our first mission
hopefully i can do it perfectly


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